ABCD Study

Amsterdam Born Children and their Development​

About the ABCD study

The ABCD study (Amsterdam Born Children and their Development) is a large-scale and long-term study into the health of 8,000 children born in Amsterdam. The research is carried out by the Department of Social Medicine of the AMC. Various universities and research institutions, including departments of the VUmc and the GGD, are collaborating with the ABCD study. The main purpose of the ABCD study is to investigate early life risk factors that explain later health, health inequalities and disease. With this knowledge we can make an important contribution to promote the health of children as early as possible and also to reduce ethnic and social inequality. Phase 4 of the ABCD study has now begun, in which part of the now 11-12 year old children are being followed. In this context, the Youth and Health department of the VUmc performs measurements to measure the amount of physical movement, fitness (squeeze and jump strength, cardiorespiratory fitness) and the sitting behavior of the children. It does this in collaboration with IRAS.

Under the leadership of Amika Singh (VUmc), data about movement and sitting is collected with the help of movement meters. Roel Vermeulen’s team leads the measurements on sleeping behavior and light exposure. Within phase 4 of the ABCD study, the children at school perform, among other things, an intelligence test and a test for working memory. This is done in collaboration with Reinout Wiers (YIELD). The aim is to collect objective data on their fitness, cognition, exercise, sitting and sleeping behavior from approximately 400 children. Using previous measurements in the ABCD study, we will then attempt to unravel the associations between movement, sitting and cognition in these children.

Want to know more about the ABCD study? Check out the ABCD-website.

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Dr. Tanja Vrijkotte

MD Margreet Harskamp – van Ginkel

Priya Peters, MSc.

Ir. Viyan Rashid (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

Noekie van Lieshout, MSc.

dr. Amika Singh

Dr. Anton Schreuder

prof. dr. Mai Chin A Paw