Child & Adolescent Public health Research & Innovation

We stand for innovative, high-quality, and socially relevant research that contributes to the healthy upbringing of our youth.

Prof. Dr. Mai Chin A Paw

Section Chair

Our Mission & Vision

Het onderzoek van de onderzoekslijn Child & Adolescent Public health Research & Innovation (CAPRI) valt onder de afdeling Public and Occupational Health van Amsterdam UMC en wordt uitgevoerd binnen het Amsterdam Public Health research institute.

Youth grows up happy

CAPRI conducts scientific research that contributes to optimal opportunities for the healthy and happy growing up of young people; from -9 months to 19 years.

Connection between research & practice

Together with JGZ organisations, we form the Academic Workshop for CAPRI. We conduct research in and together with practice.

Multidisciplinary, innovative, social research

Our research is multidisciplinary, innovative and socially relevant and ranges from risk factors to health effects and from development to evaluation of intervention programs.

Constant innovation

We continue to develop to remain distinctive and innovative.

New publications

Percepties van discriminatie en diversiteit op het werk binnen het Amsterdam Public Health research institute.

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Inter-rater reliability of the ‘Tool for assessing determinants of health in public space’ in a co-creative urban design process with care home residents in Barcelona: a Health CASCADE study.

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Correlates of Fundamental Motor Skills in the Early Years (0–4 Years): A Systematic Review.

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Two-dimensional fused targeted ridge regression for health indicator prediction from accelerometer data.

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Making co-creation a trustworthy methodology for closing the implementation gap between knowledge and action in health promotion: the Health CASCADE project.

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