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Jasmijn van Heijst, personal assistant to Prof. Dr. Mai Chin A Paw

Job vacancies

PhD student: Youth-centred Co-creation Researcher

React until: 14 February 2023

The project

Sustainable implementation of effective interventions focused on healthy 24-hour movement behaviours for teenagers is a key challenge. By introducing youth-centred evidence-informed co-creation, YoPA proposes an alternative approach to tackle the complex real-world societal challenges of physical inactivity and health inequalities in both Europe and Africa. In this novel participatory approach, teenagers themselves will be central to the implementation and evaluation of holistic, systemic interventions tailored to their local communities.

About your role

Together with academic researchers and local stakeholders, youth will take a leading role in 1) mapping the local system, including needs and opportunities; 2) tailoring interventions to the local context; 3) implementing, and 4) evaluating interventions guided by our novel SUPER-AIM framework – assessing local Systems, User perspectives, the Participatory co-creation process, Reach, Effects, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance of interventions in an integrated manner. YoPA will nurture sustainable implementation of youth-responsive preventive interventions tailored to the local context, improving their agency, movement behaviours and wellbeing, ultimately reducing health inequalities.

As a PhD student in the EC-funded YoPA project your challenge is to coordinate, implement and evaluate the youth centred co-creation in Amsterdam and closely collaborate with the PhD students appointed in Denmark, Nigeria and South Africa.

Your specific responsibilities will be to:

  • Set-up, coordinate, implement and evaluate the youth centred co-creation in Amsterdam together with youth in the community to co-create social and/or physical environmental interventions and improve their individual and collective agency in the process;
  • Report on findings by leading and contributing to scientific articles;
  • Present findings at (inter)national meetings/conferences;
  • Network and collaborate with PhD students from Denmark, Nigeria, and South Africa;
  • Contribute to educational activities of the department.
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Mid-career researcher Methodological innovations in physical activity research

React until: 31 January 2023

The project

To strengthen our section Child & Adolescent Public Health Research & Innovation in Amsterdam, we are looking for a Mid-Career Researcher in the area of Youth 24-hour Physical Activity, the (Urban) Environment and Methodological Innovations, starting from 1 February 2023. The candidate is expected to coordinate a program of research on methodological innovations in research on 24/7 movement in youth, specifically as part of two European Commission funded projects. Relevant methodological approaches including Participatory Action Research, Inclusive Research, Complexity Science, Realist Evaluation, Mixed Methods analyses, and Multimodal Data Analysis.

Your challenge is to contribute to two prestigious EC funded projects in the field of 24-hour Movement Behavior and Health in youth: YoPAAPE and the Marie Curie Doctoral Network LABDA. The aim of YoPAAPE is to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases among teenagers in vulnerable life situations, via evidence-based co-creation of social and physical environmental interventions in Europe and Africa. In LABDA, 13 doctoral fellows are trained to establish novel methods for advanced accelerometer 24/7 movement behavior data analysis and assess the added value of linking multimodal data, creating an open source toolbox of advanced analysis methods.

About your role

Your specific responsibilities will be to:

  • Co-coordinate EC-funded projects together with the project coordinator prof Chin A Paw (e.g. participation in consortium meetings; participate in training; communication with EC);
  • Collaborate with and support ongoing PhD projects on 24/7 movement behavior and co-creation of the social and physical (Urban) Environment;
  • Develop novel theoretical and methodological approaches regarding 24/7 movement behavior and the evaluation of social and physical (Urban) environmental interventions that are developed via participatory methods;
  • Develop and write new grant proposals;
  • Dissemination of research findings through e.g. peer reviewed journals, presentations, lectures and media in various way;
  • Contribute to advanced statistical analyses of device-derived (e.g. accelerometers, inclinometers) and environmental data;
  • Contribute to education of BSc, MSC and PhD students in Health Science, Medicine and Human Movement Science.
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