Projects within CAPH

The research of the Child & Adolescent Public Health (CAPH) section falls under the Department of Public & Occupational Health of Amsterdam UMC and is carried out within the Amsterdam Public Health research institute.

CAPH focuses on scientific research that contributes to optimal opportunities for the healthy and happy growing up of children & adolescents; from -9 months to 19 years. Our research is multidisciplinary, innovative, and socially relevant and ranges from risk factors to health effects and from development to evaluation of intervention programs. We also work closely with the Academische Werkplaats Jeugd en Gezondheid. Here the connection is made between research and practice. Read more about this on the website of the Academische Werkplaats Jeugd en Gezondheid

The CAPH section’s research focuses on three overarching themes:

  • Stimulating a healthy lifestyle and development in youth
  • Preventing metabolic dysfunction and diabetes in youth
  • Promoting mental health and cognition in youth