about Health CASCADE

Health CASCADE, a Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN), funded by the European Union (H2020 MSCA; n° 956501), is comprised of a multidisciplinary team with 15 international early-stage researchers (ESRs), and an association of high-profile universities, research institutions and companies. The project was born out of a need to deliver a scientifically rigorous methodology underpinning ‘co-creation’ as to enable it as an effective tool to confront public health issues. Through the EU Joint Doctoral Programme, the trajectory of Health CASCADE is to nurture a cohort of highly trained researchers to produce evidence-based principles, innovative tools, and technologies to see co-creation transform from an overused concept into an efficacious methodology within complex public health research. Thus, in short, by uniting a diverse group of citizens, academics, businesses and other organisations, this project can bring co-created solutions that are important for addressing modern public health issues for underserved populations.

The project officially started on 1st September 2021 and is set to last until 2025. Amsterdam UMC is one of several beneficiaries as part of the Health CASCADE project and hosts 3 ESRs out of the total 15. ESR 1 is Katrina Messiha, and her focus is on ‘theory-based principles for co-creation in public health’ which seeks to develop theoretical frameworks for co-creation in public health and health promotion, with a view for this to be incorporated within the to-be-developed evidence-based co-creation methodology. ESR 14 is Sara Rachdan who works most closely with Kunshan Goh who is ESR 15, and their focus is on the co-creation of the urban environment together with youth in Amsterdam. Together they will apply evidence-based methodology to co-create active environments with key stakeholders in the community and to evaluate the impact of this work.

For more information, visit the Health CASCADE website.

Sara Rachdan
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Sara Rachdan, MSc.

Kunshan Goh, MSc.

Katrina Messiha, MSc.

Dr. Teatske Altenburg

Prof. Dr. Mai Chin A Paw