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Healthy sleep intervention

Healthy sleep behaviour (i.e. the combination of a regular sleep pattern and sufficient sleep quality and duration) is of significant importance in the fight against overweight and obesity as well as in improving children’s cognitive development , psychosocial health and school performances. To stimulate healthy sleep behaviour among children in Amsterdam, a preventive intervention is being developed. The development of the intervention will be guided by the Intervention Mapping Protocol. Children, parents and other stakeholders will be involved in the development of this intervention.

Furthermore, to be able to measure the effectiveness of the intervention in the future we need an accurate child sleep measurement instrument. Therefore, this project includes a review on the measurement properties of available measurement tools and, if necessary, a new measurement tool will be developed and validated among Dutch children.


Prof. dr. Mai Chin A Paw
Dr. Vincent Busch
Dr. Maartje van Stralen
Dr. Irene Harmsen
Laura Belmon, MSc

This project will be carried out in collaboration with the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program of the Municipality of Amsterdam.