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The following projects within the key theme 'Prevention of metabolic dysfunction and diabetes' have already been completed:


Overweight and obesity among children and adolescents are an increasing public health problem in the Netherlands. The usual care in the early 2000s was referral to a dietician in the home care setting. A more intensive treatment program aimed at attaining a healthy lifestyle was not available at the time. For this reason, the VUmc together with several partners developed a multidisciplinary intervention program for obese adolescents called Go4it. The Go4it intervention showed a significant beneficial effect on BMIsds and quality of life of its participants. Larger benefits were achieved for adolescents of western ethnicity: in this subgroup significant treatment effects were observed on BMIsds, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and HDL cholesterol level at 18 moths follow up.


Dr. Ageeth Hofsteenge
Dr. Ir. Peter Weijs
Prof. dr. H.A. Delamarre- van de Waal
Prof. dr. Mai Chin A Paw

Read more about the Go4it program (in Dutch) 

Screening for hypertension in overweight children

Hypertension is frequently present in overweight (4-14%) and obese (11-23%) children, and is an important cause of cardiovascular diseases and kidney injury in adults. The ‘Guideline overweight for Child Health Care' [JGZ-Richtlijn Overgewicht], published May 2012, recommends Child Health Care professionals to screen overweight children for hypertension from the age of 5 years. The aim of the study is to evaluate whether screening of overweight children for hypertension in Child Health Care is effective and feasible.


Aleid Wirix
Dr. Joana Kist- van Holthe
Prof. dr. Mai Chin A Paw