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It is a well known fact that physical exercise is good for your health. You feel fit and comfortable in your own skin. Recent studies show that exercise can also have a positive effect on academic performance in school. However, swimming lessons and physical education are increasingly being bumped from the curriculum in favour of more 'cognitive' subjects like math or language. How can we explain this? At this point, the scientific evidence for the development of an exercise intervention in the school setting aimed at improving cognitive performance is insufficient. In part, this is due to a lack of knowledge about which type of physical exercise is most useful to improve cognitive performance. The amount and intensity of physical activity needed to accomplish an effect is also unclear. The SMART MOVES! team carries out research to answer these questions. In collaboration with students, teachers and other health professionals they aim to develop an eveidence-based exercise program for schools to improve the academic and cognitive functions of their pupils.


Prof. dr. Mai Chin A Paw
Prof. dr. Jelle Jolles
Dr. Amika Singh
Dr. Renate de Groot
Dr. Emi Saliasi
Vera van den Berg

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