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Expertise to the front: Evaluation of a Consultation and Advisory team Youth Mental Health

Psychological and social problems are prevalent in the Dutch youth (approximately 1 in 6 children). Since 2015, the municipality / local authority is responsible for the detection and treatment of these problems. This is organized differently throughout the country. 
In the region Gooi en Vechtstreek a Consultation and Advisory Team was set up to provide:   
- consultation to general practitioners or other youth referrers from 7 municipalities; municipalities;  
- and/or advise children, adolescents up to 18 years and their parents with psychological and psychosocial complaints.

This team is composed of 2 youth health care physicians and a clinical psychologist, other forms of expertise are available if needed. With its foundation in the Youth Health Care this team is unique in the Netherlands and our research project will evaluate its working methods and effects. In addition privacy aspects, laws of confidentiality and exchage of information between professionals, municipalities and parents are invesitgated in this project.


Sumayah Vandenbussche
Vivianne Dörenberg
Mariëtte Hoogsteder (projectleader)