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The ABCD-study

The ABCD-study is a large scale and longterm research project investigating the health of 8000 children born in Amsterdam. The research is being carried out by the department of Occupational Health of the AMC Amsterdam, in collaboration with different universities and institutions such as the VU medical center and the Public Health Service of Amsterdam. The main goal of the ABCD-study is to investigate the risk factors in early life that could lead to differences in health(problems) at a later stage. With this knowledge we can start improving the health of children early on, while at the same time reducing social and ethnic inequalities.

Currently, phase 4 of the study has started which follows up on a part of the (now) 11-12 year old children. The Child Health & Care Research section of the VUmc is now carrying out measurements led by dr. Amika Singh, to determine the children's physical activity, fitness and sedentary behaviour. Also, in this phase of the ABCD-study the children will perform an intelligence test and a test to determine 'working memory'.

Do you want to know more about the ABCD-study? Visit the ABCD-website.