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Lisan Hidding


In July 2013 I completed my Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics in Groningen. I decided to continue studying and started the Premaster Health Sciences in September 2013. After which I started the Master Health Sciences, on the topic Prevention and Public Health. In February 2015 I started at the EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research as an intern. During this period I wrote my Master thesis about the subject determinants of sedentary behavior in children, which I studied together with the children. In August 2015 I completed my Master Health Sciences, and since July 2015 I am working at the EMGO+ Institute. As a PhD student I am doing research into children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviors, especially directed to the measurement of these behaviors. In my opinion, including children’s perspectives in research is essential. Therefore, another big part of my PhD track is conducting research together with children.