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Leonie van Vuuren

I graduated in Business and Consumer Sciences with an additional thesis on Nutrition and Health (Wageningen University and Research Centre). After my graduation I followed the master Epidemiology (EpidM VU). Since then, I have worked in the field of youth, health and research, which are the subject areas I am most interested in.

In recent years I worked as a researcher and project manager at the
youth health monitor (YHM) of the Public Health Service Amsterdam. During each school year second and fourth grade students of secondary schools filled-out a questionnaire about their sociodemographic characteristics, lifestyles and health problems. The YHM provides a wealth of information for the development of regional health policies and health promoting activities. I would like to do more research on this data, so that (even more) targeted policies and prevention activities can be developed. To this end, I started my PhD at the Public Health Service Amsterdam in cooperation with the VU University medical center on the project "Suicidal thoughts and behaviours among adolescents". With this study we try to gain more insight into: the trends of social-emotional problems and suicidal thoughts and behaviours; differences between socio-demographic groups for these trends; the influence of the environment on suicidal thoughts and behaviours; and changes in behaviours that are associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviours.